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Contact the Executive of the Canadian Associations of Broadcast Consultants

President: Mr. Eric R. Poppleton, P.Eng.

Mr. Poppleton began working in the field of broadcast consulting engineering in 2005 and has been a member of the Canadian Association of Broadcast Consultants since 2014. Mr. Poppleton’s practice includes radio and television engineering, microwave systems, and Safety Code 6 compliance. Mr. Poppleton is a registered professional engineer in YT, NT/NU, BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, NS, NB, and PEI.

Mr. Poppleton was elected president of the CABC in December 2020.

To contact Mr. Poppleton:

Phone: 204-890-0843

Secretary Treasurer : Mr. Wojciech Kobylinski, P.Eng.

Mr. Kobylinski has been with the firm of D.E.M. Allen & Associates Ltd. for almost 20 years.

Mr. Kobylinski has been involved in all aspects of the company’s area of expertise, including the design, specification and commissioning of consulting engineering projects in the areas of:
• AM, FM, TV, and DTV broadcast transmitting facilities.
• Point‐to‐point radio frequency communication systems.
• Point‐to‐multipoint radio frequency communication systems.
• Calculations and measurements with respect to compliance with Health Canada Safety Code 6 limits.

Mr. Kobylinski is a registered professional engineer with Engineers Manitoba and Professional Engineers Ontario

Mr. Kobylinski was elected secretary-treasurer of the CABC in December 2020.

To contact Mr. Kobylinski:

Telephone – 204-889-9202
Email –